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An Overview of the Medieval Times

When I think about this time of history, I think of romance, Kings and Queens and the knights who fought for the hand of a princess.
But it was not much like that at all.

black_deathBetween 1347 and 1350 the Black death killed twenty million people…How you ask? Rats…People thought those who owned cats were witches killing them and the cats….which brought on epidemics of Rats who fleas carried this horrible disease. If someone sneezed or coughed on you, well you caught it also. It was impossible to prevent the transmission of this awful disease between people. This era brought on the fall Of Rome and the rise of the renaissance. I’m sure people in those times would love to know what is a public adjuster.  They certainly could have used one!

After the fall of Rome there was not a single state or government that untied the people of Europe. The Catholic Church was the most powerful in the medieval period. The Kings and Queens derived power of their alliances and protection of the church. Ordinary people had to tithe ten percent of their earnings every year to the church. This helped the Church make a great deal of money and also power.

During this time the Islamic world was getting larger and growing more powerful after the death of the prophet Muhammad’s death. Muslims armies took over the large parts of the middle east, setting them under a rule of a single caliph. It became three times bigger than Christianity.

Great cities like Cairo, Baghdad and Damascus focused more on cultural and intellectual life. Poets and philosophers wrote books that made its way into the Islamic world in the eight century. They translated Greek Indian and Iranian into Arabic. They divested technology like soap, windmills and early flying machines.

Also a system of numbers we still use today religious people taught the Quarn and scriptures to the people of the middle east. It was about power and takeovers between Christianity and Islamic people,that left thousands dead on both sides. This had a powerful impact and a lasting one on the European life.