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Art of the Middle Ages

There was a lot of art in the Middle Ages. They saw many changes in the early Renaissance Era. Christian and religious art were drawn into manuscripts and mosaics painting in churches. Different types of art also included, metal work such as bronze,in which they created adored religious artifacts. There was also beautiful jewelry and elaborate bronze decor on church doors. They also had goldsmiths and Silversmiths who produced all forms of jewelry. Medieval Church’s made sure that vessels were made of precious metals worthy of the service by the skills of silversmiths and goldsmiths who they employed in the production of such items.

8172f51aa80b8f77f9634566e14bd79c4dc482b1Medieval ceramics were hand shaped and not wheel turned. Jars, jugs, pitchers and cooking pots were all made this way. The Medieval Mosaics is the art of using small pieces of glass that was different colors. Also stones and other material that decorated the ceilings of churches and cathedrals. They stained glass art exclusively to Medieval Church’s cathedrals and castles in windows. Stain glass art are small pieces of glass arranged to make pictures and patterns that was held together with strips of lead held by a strong frame.

Medieval art also included statues and architecture. During the Gothic era, Gargoyles were put on the upper part of buildings. They were known as the protectors. They were usually carved in the form of a grotesque face in a figure projecting wings from roof gutters.there was also ugly human faces animals imaginary creatures and mythical ones. The stone masons carved them with wide open mouths to symbolize the devouring of giants. Now lets be honest how could these stone masons make anything look beautiful when they displayed it with wide open mouths! But the purpose of all this was to allow water to drain and prevent water damage,but mostly symbols to ward off evil.