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Medieval Times Rebuilt

The art of of the middle ages in the early Renaissance Era was metal work such as bronze. They also had gold and silver smiths. But the stone masons are the creators of the roofs and walls. The South Hampton castle, one of the chief ports of Medieval England, is a perfect example of this. The walls were rebuilt to exact replicas. This is a twist in the circuit that represents the joint of the old castle. They had roof repairs done as well in the castle. My friend who does roofing in Ft. Worth, TX lent a hand with this.

Who wouldn’t want a home replicated in that time. Built in stone to withstand just about any kind of weather. The South Hampton castle is over a mile high confining a roughly rectangular shape. The Barcelona museum is also a perfect example of Medieval times. This castle is found in Europe and is also one of the largest tourist attractions. The style of this place will only cost you tired feet. It has huge walls, and will keep you  in awe where the Roman walls and exclusive buildings will take you back to a time, of the middle ages. There are lots of various cultural tasks and occasions for you to visit in this fantastic city. They hold a number of events each year of productions and performers to recreate the Medieval times.

Recreating these magnificent buildings is not as hard as it was back in those days. Today we have machines to help in the building of these places. I guess we have it a lot easier these days than what they had back then. So roof repair isn’t as hard as it was back in those days. It must have been a lot of work back in the fifteenth century, to get these stones up high enough to build walls and roofs. They used ropes and a lot of manpower. Today we have it a lot easier.