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Who Was Sir Thomas Thumb?

Sir Thomas was a happy jolly person who loved to tell people he was from the medieval days. He was a very kind fellow, that everyone like to be around. He would spend his time around campfires Telling stories of the medieval days. The time when Kings and Queens ruled the land and all young men aspired to be a knight to bring service to the king. This man told stories that were handed down from generations to generation. Today you can buy Tom Thumb miniatures. Little mini treasures that fits in doll houses with roofs from Cypress Roofing Company, artisan times of course.

Tom Thumb is also still a fairy tale told to children today. Where and Old man and Old woman wanted a child so badly, that the fairies sent a baby no bigger than a thumb. The King and Queen were overjoyed when Merlin sent a message to the Queen of the fairies to send this tiny child. Since he was so small and never got any bigger as he grew older, there fore his adventures would sometimes happen that wasn’t even his fault. In this fairy tale he was knighted Sir Thomas Thumb. This story is folklore and it takes place in medieval times. Tom was part of a King Arthur round table. Many websites sell pictures of what Sir Thomas may have looked like. Others have garden tools and Medieval castle type furniture. Also medieval castles that are dollhouses for children to play with. He is also the subject of many films and cartoons. This can be a very interesting tale for children and also grownups. His death was contributed to him falling in a water pot and getting bit by a spider. He was the funniest Knight of the kingdom, and those that knew him was very sad at his death